The most unique caramel and popcorn gift you will every send!

Caramel Lover Popcorn Cake

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Our fans demanded it so we added it our favorites- caramel, pretzels with chocolate drizzle.  Your mouth will explode with the combination of salt, sweet and delicious caramel.   The caramel lover  is made with 12 oz of freshly popped popcorn tossed in our delicious marshmallow filling, caramel and pretzels and topped off with delicious chocolate drizzle.  Popped Passion popcorn cakes slice like a cake with the delicious sensation of a marshmallow treat. 

We consider our popcorn cakes a piece of edible art and each are wrapped in clear packaging with a beautiful coordinating bow.  Its the most original gift you will every send and the yummiest cake you'll ever enjoy. 

As always, this popcorn cake can be customized but letting us know in the notes of your order.