Popping with Appreciation!

National Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner (March 6), and we cannot stress enough the importance of showing your employees appreciation. Employees are the backbone of any business. Without them, businesses would barely, if at all, be functional.


While showing appreciation for your employees is important every day, National Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect way to go above and beyond for the people who work so hard.  Happy employees make a happy business!


Our Popcorn Pops make the perfect gift for your employees. They are four ounces of freshly popped popcorn mixed with our special marshmallow filling and topped with M&Ms and sprinkles of your choice! They are individually wrapped, with a customized sticker and bow, so they will make the perfect centerpiece at your office lunch table.


Email Madison@poppedpassion for information on corporate discounts and shower your team with popcorn! We promise it’ll be a gift they never forget.