Popped Passion says Thanks a POP to our healthcare workers

APRIL 13, 2020


Today, Popped Passion delivered over 200 Gourmet Popcorn Pops to Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, FL to say thank you to our healthcare providers for all of the hard work they are doing to keep us safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. This donation was made on Good Friday, to bring some Easter cheer to our local hospital.


Madison, our Director of Sales and Operations, previously served in the Peace Corps as a healthcare worker. She says, “After serving for 2.5 years in a high-risk environment, I know how overwhelming, difficult and devastating it can be to work so hard to protect patients with very little resources and lack of direction. I want to remind healthcare workers that we care and we support them. Bringing joy is one of my biggest passions in life and I am so happy that I can bring a smile to the faces of those who work so hard to keep us safe and healthy.”


Popped Passion is passionate about bringing joy to its community and is developing a campaign to bring their gourmet popcorn cakes to healthcare workers. Stay tuned for more!